20 Years Experience for Your Home or Building

Our company specializes in all commercial & residential renovation services.
With more than 20 years of experience serving our customers, we will make sure that, whether it is an interior or exterior project, we have all the tools at our disposal to accomplish what's on your mind.

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About us

Our company, Herlin Drywall and Renovations LLC has been around for 20 years providing professional expertise in residential and commercial construction, renovations and remodeling.

Our Services Include:

- Drywall & Finish

- Renovations

- Remodeling

- Framing

- Popcorn ceiling removal

- Wallpaper removal

- Painting Indoor & Outdoor-Stucco plaster

- Small Indoor Demolition


We operate in all of Palm Beach County and are known for our hard work and professional services and excellent work ethic.


Our goal is for you to be completely satisfied with our work. Contact us at: 954-687-2514


Are you a commercial building owner or operator in need of help to make your building's commercial area more attractive, functional and trendy? We are very happy to help you! 


Our company provides excellent commercial construction to give you the best look for your commercial area. From interior and exterior layouts and designing, fixtures, renovations, and remodeling, we are here to help you!


Need to give your house an amazing look that is both incredible and affordable? We can help you! Just tell us what you need, and we will do the rest!


We provide both commercial constructions and residential constructions. If you want your house to be remodeled or renovated, we guarantee you that we will give you the best quality of service and outcome to make your ideal dream house come true!


Working on renovating key parts of your home or building? No worries! We can get it done in a flash!  Our goal is to give you comfort and enjoyment with your newly renovated property.

Our team of professionals will make you feel satisfied with our high quality of service and results. Contact us at:



If you’re looking for demolition services, look no further. Herlin is the premier provider of professional demolition services in the country.


We can help with any size project and our team works hard to make sure your job is done right. Our experts are here to answer all of your questions and get started on your project today! Contact us today! 


Our Company

We love working with any type of commercial or residential project whether it'd:


  • Commercial and Residential Construction 

  • Renovations 

  • Remodeling

  • Drywall Servicing and Finishing 

  • Framing 

  • Popcorn Ceiling Removal 

  • Wallpaper Removal

  • Painting Indoor and Outdoor 

  • Stucco Plastering 

  • Small Indoor Demolitions

Our company works around the clock with your complete satisfaction in mind. Call us today!



Need work on your property? Give us a call! We are careful and meticulous when it comes to details, materials used and the foundation of any commercial unit as we want to secure the safety of everything and everyone.


From setting the layout and designing, painting the walls, removals, and more, we will work in a clean environment and without the mess! 


Get that fresh look you're looking for so that you can live comfortably, efficiently, and if you want, more space! 


Just give us a call to make an appointment to get started on your dream renovation!

20 Years

of Experience

Our professional team has more than 20 years of experience in the construction, repair, and layout of your interior spaces, whether for private or professional use.


We are always here at your disposal to understand your needs and give you a solution as quickly and efficiently as possible. Like all of our customers, trust our expertise for your work.  Call us today at : 954-687-2514

Professional Drywall Framing and Installation Services for Residential and Commercial Properties

Herlin Drywall and Renovations specializes in providing professional commercial and residential renovation services. With more than 20 years of experience in the construction and renovation industries, we are committed to serve our customers in all of Palm Beach County through our hard work, cutting edge tools, excellent work ethic, and unparalleled customer service.


Drywall & Finish

Herlin Drywall Renovation.jpg

We install and finish high-quality drywall in residential homes and commercial buildings. Our team of experienced workers consists of expert drywall mechanics tasked with installing the drywall and a float crew who is in charge of finishing the joints and cover the fastener heads with drywall compounds.   


Herlin Drywall Renovation.jpg

Through our renovation service, we can upgrade and update to a new standard any room in your home such as the kitchen. We initiate cosmetic changes to the structure that will make the space attractive and effectively add value to your home.


Herlin Drywall Renovation.jpg

Our remodeling job can completely transform a space through the alteration of the structure and its style. This may involve changing the layout or reconfiguring the floor plan. Our work will provide your area improved functionality and your home or office a whole new look and feel. 


Herlin Drywall Renovation.jpg

Framing, a very important construction activity that can have a big impact on all aspects of your new home, is one of our expertise. We understand how the structural shell of your house ultimately interacts with all the other elements so we ensure that it is built perfectly.     

Popcorn Ceiling

Herlin Drywall Renovation.jpg

We provide professional popcorn ceiling removal services to help you eliminate the old ceiling material from your pre-1980s home. These materials often contain white asbestos fibers that can be hazardous to your health when improperly handled, so you shouldn’t attempt doing it yourself.   


Herlin Drywall Renovation.jpg

Whether the type of wallpaper installed on your wall is porous, non-porous, or dry-strippable, and no matter what the type of substrate material the wallpaper has adhered to, we know how to expertly remove it. We can even remove wallpaper that has been painted over.


Herlin Drywall Renovation.jpg

We specialize in painting whether indoor or outdoor and regardless of whether the surface to paint on has been prepared with plaster or stucco. There is a difference in the painting process for these various conditions. Assign the critical painting work to us. 

Small Demolition

Herlin Drywall Renovation.jpg

We are highly experienced in indoor demolition. Depending on the scope of work, our job can include kitchen demolition, bathroom demolition, popcorn ceiling removal when applicable, removal of all insulation from ceiling and walls, and removal of all non-load bearing walls.   

Types of Properties We Work With

Herlin Drywall Renovation.jpg


You can achieve your goal of a more modern, functional, and aesthetically appealing business place with our renovation or remodeling service. We have a team of expert professionals who can infuse vibrance to your commercial area through the interior and exterior layout improvement and an upgrade of your facilities to make it more attractive to customers and bring in more business. 

Herlin Drywall Renovation.jpg


We can bring back the original appeal of your home and let it continue to be your ideal abode through our renovation or remodeling service within your budget. We fix damages in any part of your house, update it, and upgrade your facilities. We can also make major alterations to your home, that will give it new look.

Renovation and Drywall Installation Company in Palm Beach County, FL

Herlin Drywall and Renovations has been in the business of improving homes, offices, and commercial structures for more than 20 years. Through our engagements with the owners of residential and business buildings in Palm Beach County, where we operate, we pursue our passion for renovation and remodeling. We specialize in drywall and finish, framing, popcorn ceiling removal, wallpaper removal, indoor and outdoor painting, stucco plaster, and small indoor demolition. Our team of professionals and highly skilled workers expertly deliver our services that provide our clients enjoyment from our quality workmanship and their property more visual appeal, better functionality, and  added value.

Why Choose Us for Your Renovation Needs?

Full Service

Need work on your property? Give us a call! We are careful and meticulous when it comes to details, materials used and the foundation of any commercial unit as we want to secure the safety of everything and everyone.

Highly Experienced

From setting the layout and designing, painting the walls, removals, and more, we will work in a clean environment and without the mess! 


Get that fresh look you're looking for so that you can live comfortably, efficiently, and if you want, more space! 


Just give us a call to make an appointment to get started on your dream renovation!

Frequently asked questions

What makes your company different from other providers of services that you offer?

Herlin Drywall and Renovations has more than 20 years of successful operation. In that period, we have a track record of performance that speaks for ourselves. We have thousands of satisfied clients whom we have served. We also boast of a comprehensive range of services, expert technical personnel, and a competitive rate.

Who comprises your technical crew?

We have a complete technical team that can do all jobs in the services we offer. It is comprised of drywall mechanics or hangers and float crew, carpenters, masonry workers, plumbers, interior designers, painters, and demolition workers. We assign a dedicated supervisor for large projects.

What areas do you serve?

We operate in all of Palm Beach County. We work Monday to Sunday from 7:00 a.m. till 7:00 p.m. When you choose to hire us, we can arrive at a time that suits you.

What does drywall installation involve?

Our work of installing and finishing drywall especially in large-scale projects is often done by two teams, a group comprised of drywall mechanics or hangers who install the wallboard, and a group of float crew or tapers and mudmen who finish the joints and cover the fastener heads with drywall compound.

How long does your renovation and remodeling job usually last?

The duration of a project depends on its size, complexity, and other special requirements. While most of our repair jobs are same-day service, some renovation work may take a few days. Remodeling usually takes longer.

When is a job classified as a renovation or remodeling?

A renovation job involves restoring a structure to a good state or making it new again. Examples of renovation work include repainting cabinets, installing new lighting fixtures, making the kitchen more attractive, and replacing old windows with new units.

Remodeling on the other hand, involves changing the structure, its shape, and appearance that includes the use of space such as changing the layout. A few examples of remodeling include creating an open concept kitchen, installing a kitchen island, and room expansion.

How critical is framing that it needs to be assigned to a professional like you?

Improper framing can impact all aspects of a new home such as the pipes, wires, and ductwork that go through it, insulation, installation of drywall, siding, and trimwork, and alignment of windows and doors. It also affects the structural integrity of your walls and ceilings.

Why is removing the old popcorn ceiling important?

Houses built before the 1980s mostly used popcorn ceilings with boards manufactured containing asbestos fibers. These fibers are dangerous when inhaled or ingested and can cause serious health problems such as mesothelioma cancer, a cancer of the pleura, pleural plaques, asbestosis, and asbestos lung cancer. The popcorn ceiling should be removed by professionals who can do the work safely. Herlin Drywall and Renovations is certified to provide popcorn ceiling removal service.

Isn’t wallpaper removal a simple DIY activity?

It may seem so but first, you need to have time and patience to do it yourself. Also, you have to know the process and do it accordingly for a quality wall surface that you can then finish with painting or new wallpaper. Depending on the substrate material on the wall the wallpaper covers, it can be challenging to penetrate, let alone remove the wallpaper. You can leave the job to us.

What’s the difference between stucco and plaster?

Although they are often used interchangeably, plaster and stucco are different in composition. Stucco is used as an exterior cement plaster wall covering only. It is tougher in texture and holds up better than plaster. Plaster is more versatile and can be used both indoor and outdoor. The painting on stucco and plaster also requires different techniques for a fine finish.

How do you paint over plaster?

We allow the plaster to dry out completely before we apply a primer. We use a mist coat made of watered-down emulsion paint that acts as a primer. After 24 hours upon the application of mist, we apply the topcoat.

How do you paint over stucco?

We apply a coat of exterior masonry primer to the stucco using a roller setup with a roller grid for even paint distribution. We let the primer dry before painting. The areas around the doors and windows are brush-painted with a light coat of exterior masonry paint before the rest of the stucco is painted using a large-nap roller. The first coat is let to dry then we add one or more additional coats.

What paint is best for plaster? stucco?

We normally use acrylic paint for plaster. It dries very quickly and can be applied in layers, making it perfect for plaster. Acrylic is a chemical-based paint, which makes it more elastic than water-based paint.

For stucco, acrylic latex, water-based paint is best. Being water-based, latex paint is easier to clean up with just soap and water.

What preparations are included in your indoor demolition service?

Interior demolition requires a lot of preparation before the actual job. The first day is used to prepare for the work ahead following a specified demolition plan. It includes the following:

  • Wrapping of all appliances and moving them out of the demolition area
  • Removal of junk items for disposal
  • Capping of electrical and plumbing installations
  • Removing of window treatments
  • Popcorn ceiling removal when applicable
  • Removal of carpets
  • Removal of insulation from ceilings and walls

How long does the actual demolition work last?

The work may last for a few days depending on the scope. We usually wrap up interior demolition after 3 days and the process includes:

  • Removal of tiles
  • Bathroom demolition
  • Removing non-load-bearing walls
  • Debris removal and hauling away from the property
  • Cleaning the area, and clearing the job site

I have other questions for you. How can I reach your company?

For other inquiries and concerns, you may contact us at 954-687-2514. We are open from Mondays through Sundays, 7AM to 7PM.

Are You Ready to Transform Your Property?

Whether you need drywall installation for your home or a complete renovation for your commercial property, our specialists at Herlin Drywall and Renovations are always ready to take on projects of any size. Contact us now and let’s discuss your requirements.

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